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Sewing with Tulle

tulle 101Tulle is a netting type fabric that is mostly associated with bridal sewing because of it's light airy look. While, yes, it is the fabric used in a bridal veil, it's also so much more. It can be used in costumes, tutus, petticoats and in a lots of ways. Plus, it can come in a variety of colors and finishes. Whenever you want that full look but want to keep things light, tulle makes a great option. But the things that make it really great can also make it one tricky fabric to work with. Because of its holey nature, it's not the easiest fabric to sew especially since it likes to shift around as well. If you find yourself getting frustrated in trying to sew something with tulle, you'll want to check out this video where I offer some advice on how to get through it without tearing your hair out. Don't give up on this fabric. Instead imagine all the pretty stuff you can create.

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