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Sewing with Stripes

Sewing With StripesWhen you think in terms of a pattern design on fabric, stripes is probably one of the most basic patterns you can have.  How can a fabric, that has only two solid colors that alternate, be so difficult when it comes to sewing, more so that a crazy busy design?  It's because you're trying to match the stripes over the whole garment.  When it comes to other patterns, you usually don't pay attention to this.  What this means, is that the prepping and cutting out is the most important step when it comes to working with stripes.  You need to take your time and you need to pay attention to where your patterns are placed.  This can scare a lot of people from working with stripes but it shouldn't.  It's not difficult, it's just time consuming, but it can be done.  Learn to sew with stripes by watching our tips and tricks so you can feel confident in your first attempt.

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