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Sewing With Crepe

Working With CrepeAs you get more comfortable with sewing, you start wanting to branch out by sewing with more of the elegant fabrics.  Unfortunately, sometimes these fabrics can offer beginners extra challenges.  Frustration can lead to discouragement, in which case, you may just resign yourself to never sewing with these fabrics.  Crepe can definitely be one of these fabrics but, with this video, I'm here to offer tips and tricks so that you're less likely to get discouraged.  We want you to be even more excited to try your hand at creating garments from crepe fabric.  Not all crepe fabrics are the same and there can be different types within this category.  The content of the fabric can vary from polyester and silk to wool and rayon.  It can come in different weights, as some are more lightweight than others.  Some crepe fabrics can even be more opaque than others.  Crepe is an overall category of fabric and then there are different subset fabrics that fit in that category, such as Georgette and Crepe de Chine.  In any case, all crepes tend to be drapey fabrics and it's very common for the fabric to have a slight bubble texture, although that's not the case for all.  The nice thing about crepe fabric is that it's versatile enough to be used in many styles of garments, from every day casual to more elegant and formal.  Regardless of what this beautiful fabric inspires you to make, by coming prepared with our tips and some patience, even a beginner can master working with crepe.

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