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Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

Sewing Machine TroubleshootingAs much as we would like sewing to be a nice, smooth hobby, it never seems to work out that way.  Many things can happen while we're sewing that can be extremely aggravating, such as the fabric is just a nightmare, your loved one who won't stop asking when is dinner going to be ready, or your sewing machine seems to be working against you.  We can't help with all issues, but we can try to help with some of them.  Sewing machine problems seems to the number one issue that a lot of people seem to face, especially if they're just getting into sewing.  It's a machine that has a lot of buttons and knobs and all that can feel intimidating.  While it's very difficult to break a sewing machine with just everyday use, it can get a little finicky depending on what type of fabric you're sewing with.  A lot of issues can look similar but have different solutions.  If you find yourself having issues, you may want to give this video a look as we go through a general checklist of what you can do in troubleshooting your sewing machine.

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