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Sewing a Muslin

muslinAnything that gets in the way of the fun part of sewing a garment, like the actual sewing, always feels like a drag. But a lot of prep work can save you money and headaches later. One the things that can definitely help with both of these elements is the muslin. The muslin is a test garment basted together, used for the purpose of perfecting fit and experimenting with new sewing techniques. It's usually made with muslin material which is why it's called a muslin. By doing this prep work first, you don't worry about having to experiment on your more expensive fabric, risking damage to it, and it should sew together faster since you've already gone through the process. Plus, the best part, you'll end up with better fitting clothes and start to get a better understanding on how to sew for your unique body type. It feels a bit overwhelming, especially if you're a beginner, but this video will show you how easy the whole process really is.

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