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Satin Stitch – Hand and Machine

Satin StitchThe satin stitch is a series of flat stitches that can be used for embellishment.  The cool thing about the satin stitch is that it can have different looks, depending on how it's done.  In this demonstration, I'll show you the hand satin stitch, which is common in embroidery.  You'll see how this stitch is used to fill in areas and can give added depth and detail to a garment.  If you don't have an embroidery machine, this can only be done by hand but it can make something really unique.  If you do have a regular sewing machine, you can do a satin stitch, but it's somewhat different and, therefore, its function is also different.  In the second part of our demonstration, I'll show you how to do a machine satin stitch and use it as an outline or border.  In this capacity, it makes it perfect for finishing the edges of appliques.

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