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Ruffled Towel

Ruffled TowelAs you learn more about sewing, do you tend to find more things to sew for yourself?  I would say that is certainly true for me.  It's hard to for to look at anything, that's made out of fabric, and think, 'why buy it when I can make it?'   That is not to say I actually do make everything but it's still fun to dream.  Here's something cute that's definitely possible to make right now.  This ruffled towel will look adorable in anyone's kitchen.  The best part is that you can complete it in a short period of time and it's super easy. Our ruffled towel is easy enough for beginners and yet even experienced sew-ers can have fun with it.  I used toweling fabric for added ease and if you can't find it at your local fabric store, check for places online to purchase or just use another fabric and cut it down to size.  I also added an extra embellishment of hand embroidery to make it extra special.  Check out our other tutorial on Hot Iron Transfers to get some tips on hand embroidery, if you've never done it.  If you make one these ruffled towels, either for yourself or a friend, be sure to post a picture in our Member's Showcase.

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