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Rolling Fabric

Rolling FabricSometimes you don't know how much of a problem a fabric is going to be until after you purchase it and try to sew with it. You think, "I've sewn with knit before, I can totally handle this!" And then discover it's one of those fabrics that like to roll. Ah! It's the thing of nightmares that may lead to you wanting to pull your hair out. Rolling fabric describes what happens to the edges of a lightweight knit (like jersey), specifically when the edges curl and roll, usually to the right side of the fabric. And you may waste a lot of time pressing and pressing trying to get it lie flat which it doesn't like to do. If you've ever run into this problem, you're definitely thinking, "Yes, I hate it. But how can I get my fabric to stop rolling?" I have good news! This is the video tutorial you want. Not only do I talk a little bit about why this happens but I offer several solutions to make dealing with rolling fabric easier. These options might not stop the rolling completely but it'll definitely make it much less of a headache.

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