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Repairing Chiffon

Chiffon Repair

Chiffon is the best and worst kind of fabric. It's the best because it's so beautiful it's ideal for formal wear. It's the worst because not only is it hard to work with but it's very delicate. It can be damaged very easily. But what do you do when you do get that small tear and don't want to trash a whole outfit because of it? Sure, you can apply a product to stop the fraying but what can you do beyond this? The problem with chiffon is that pretty much any repair you do is going to be visible, which is an unfortunate reality.  But you might be able to minimize and control the damage so it won't be as bad. If you're okay with that, then this video will provide some tips that I've used, both with sewing and non-sewing methods. They might not get the chiffon looking like new again but it might help in a pinch.

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