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Repairing a Sweatshirt Cuff

Repair Sleeve CuffThere's nothing worse than your favorite sweatshirt or hoodie falling into disrepair which can happen if it gets a lot of use. Luckily, there are some wear and tear that can be fixed almost to the point where it almost looks brand new again. One common wear-and-tear that can happen to these types of garments is that you'll get damage on the edge of the cuffs. While knit is a fabric that doesn't fray, it can develop holes which will give a frayed appearance to the bottom of your knitted cuffs. So what can you do about this? You actually have a couple different options. You can either replace the cuff entirely with new fabric or, if the damage isn't too bad, you can repair the current cuff and keep the same fabric While neither one of these options are a quick fix, they will extend the life of the garment for a little longer and look less shabby in the end. This tutorial focuses on the latter repair option, reusing the current cuff and fixing the damage. Please note, this option will shorten the sleeve by a very small amount but the good news is that you won't have to look for a replacement fabric to try to color match. This is a repair that can easily be done on most sweatshirts and hoodies and will leave them looking good as new.

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