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Quilt Top Fabric Calculation

Quilt Top Fabric CalculationIf you ever wanted to create a quilt from a pattern, but wanted to do it in a different size than the pattern's recommendation, then this tutorial is for you.  We show you how to calculate how many blocks will make up your new quilt top and then do an example on breaking down the individual quilt block to figure out how much fabric you'll need.  This system works best in quilts that utilize blocks but it should give you a jumping off point for other types of quilts as well.  In my example, I show you how to take a simple block and calculate for a full/double size, but this technique works the same no matter which finished quilt size you choose.  This is just for figuring out the quilt top portion only, which I think is the more complicating aspect.  You'll still need to calculate fabric backing, binding or any other aspect to a quilt.  Don't feel overwhelmed, just take it one part at a time.  You can do it!

Standard Finished Quilt Sizes (in inches):

Crib Size  36 x 52

Throw Size   51 x 64

Twin  63 x 87 (Long Twin 63 x 92)

Double - Full 78 x 87

Queen  84 x 92

King  100 x 92


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