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Pet Costume – Roman Soldier

Pet Costume - Roman Soldier DownPet Costume - Roman Soldier SitThe Professor Pincushion holiday tradition continues!  Every year, I have fun making Hitchcock a new historically inaccurate costume.  This year, he's playing the part of a Roman soldier.  The pattern is free to download so get it and join along with our demonstration.  The costume consists of the collar and the helmet.  The helmet is just made from craft felt and I used faux suede for the collar.  If you don't want to buy faux suede, you can also use felt for this as well.  The type of embellishment you want to use is entirely up to you.  I used rhinestones, fabric paint, and embroidery thread.  I wouldn't skip this as embellishing a costume is the most fun part.  If you find yourself with an unwilling pet, then you can still use these ideas to make a human version of the costume, especially if you need something quick, simple and cheap!

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