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Pet Costume – Cowboy

Pet Costume CowboyPet Costume Cowboy SideEvery year, I do a costume for Hitchcock to wear and this year is no different. You can download our free pattern and make a matching costume for the small pet in your life. (Although you can also enlarge the pattern pieces if you want to make one for a larger animal.) This year's version is a cowboy which consists of a hat and bandana. The hat is made from normal craft felt and can be done as a basic version or you can embellish it further and make it really shine. The bandana is made from cotton fabric and can look cute even when it's not Halloween. Both costume pieces are easy and come together quickly, but the pieces are small so that's the biggest challenge. Making Hitchcock into a cowboy was so much fun and I hope this is a costume you can enjoy with your furry friend as well.

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