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Partial Zipper

Partial ZipperThe partial zipper, also known as the quarter zipper, is commonly found in pullover garments.  It describes when you have a zipper at the top of the garment but it only goes part way down the front instead of all the way down.  Many beginners may find it a little tricky to sew in the partial zipper, because, unlike many other zipper techniques, it's not usually put in between a seam.  This doesn't mean that the partial zipper is hard to do.  In fact, you can easily insert a partial zipper into your pattern even if it didn't have it originally.  In my example, I'm using a pattern for a fleece jacket that had a zipper going down the full length of the front, but I choose to instead to do a partial zipper and it still worked out perfectly.  The most important thing you need to get right though, especially if you're doing your own alteration, is to accurately measure things correctly and to do your math right.  For the partial zipper to look really good, it needs to fit in the cutout box perfectly.  So, even if you're a beginner, you can totally do this, just take your time and make sure you do it right.

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