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One Step Buttonhole

One Step ButtonholeButtonholes can be intimidating to beginners. Like zippers, they seem more scary than they really are, but if you plan on sewing clothes, you can't get away without sewing fasteners eventually. In the old days, the buttonhole presser foot was big and had different attachments to add depending on the type and size of the buttonhole. These days though, if your machine comes with a one-step buttonhole foot, it's a lot faster and easier. You don't even have to really worry about the buttonhole size as the foot and machine will do this work for you. The only thing you do have to worry about is making sure you sew the buttonhole on straight. The one-step buttonhole presser foot makes it simple to get consistent, perfect buttonholes every time for the variety of different types your machine has. Even then, I still recommend that you at least practice on scraps so you get the hang of it, but only because buttonhole stitches are kind of a pain to take out if you're not happy with it. Watch this video to see how to use the foot and then try it for yourself. You'll quickly see there's nothing at all to worry about and will have no problem adding buttonholes to your future garments.

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