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Newborn Baby Onesie

Newborn Baby OnsieThere's a new baby in town and you want to make them something special.  How about making them a handmade baby onesie?  How fun would it be to be able to choose your own fabric.  Plus, this project is quick and easy.  After you finish, you'll be inspired to make another, because a newborn can't have too many new onesies.  Along with our step by step tutorial, we also provide you with a free pattern.  Please note, the size of this pattern is newborn but you can always adjust it for other sizes as well.  Also, be sure to use knit fabric as it's important to be stretchy and that you prewash your fabric before cutting out your fabric.  For an extra professional looking detail, we show you how to add individual snaps.  Are you ready to make a newborn baby onesie now?  Let's do it!

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168 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Onesie

  1. anupamac

    Thanks so much for this video. Do you have a version for will sleeves and covering the legs as well for babies in the winter?

  2. the_professors_assistant

    This pattern is only for newborns. You could possibly scale it for older, but you would have to guess what that scale is.

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