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Narrow Hemmer Presser Foot

Narrow Hem FootSometimes sewing machine companies will come out with an accessory to make tasks a lot easier. The narrow hemmer presser foot is for helping to do a rolled hem or narrow hem which means doing a very, very small hem which is normally found on delicate fabrics or curved hemlines. If you don't have this type of foot for your sewing machine, then you may very well be turning and folding a hem by hand which can be very time consuming. A narrow hemmer foot has a swoop in the front that rolls the fabric for you which can make the whole process that much faster and easier. But even though this foot can create a rolled or narrow hem easier, doesn't mean that it doesn't take some practice. This foot can be tricky and you'll definitely want to try it on scraps of fabric until you get the hang of it. But once you do, then you'll be able to create the most beautiful rolled and narrow hems.

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