Men’s Boxers

Mens BoxersI'm seriously curious how these shorts, which were normally worn by boxers, suddenly became a popular underwear garment for guys.  Is it that they all secretly imagine themselves to be a big strapping boxer?  Regardless, I'm going to let them continue with their little secret identity, because I'm going to show everyone how you can create your own men's boxers, complete with the button fly.

Creating basic shorts are actually a very easy project and a perfect project for beginners.  The elastic waistband helps make it customizable.  If you're a little unsure about doing a buttonhole, you can skip that step if you want.  The pattern created here is a large but it should fit most.  You can always enlarge the pattern pieces if you want to make it bigger.  And if you want to make the length of the shorts longer, you can just extend the inner leg and side seam lengths to whatever desired length you want.  You can even extend them to the floor and make yourself some lounge around pants.


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77 thoughts on “Men’s Boxers

  1. ppuser

    Just curious if I could overlay this pattern on one for pj pants. I want to add a button fly to my husband’s pj pants and merging the two is the best way I can think of to do that. Any suggestions for something easier? Thanks!!

  2. xwiit

    Please which paper size is right for printing this pattern without changing the patter size?

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