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Men’s Boxers

Mens BoxersI'm seriously curious how these shorts, which were normally worn by boxers, suddenly became a popular underwear garment for guys.  Is it that they all secretly imagine themselves to be a big strapping boxer?  Regardless, I'm going to let them continue with their little secret identity, because I'm going to show everyone how you can create your own men's boxers, complete with the button fly.

Creating basic shorts are actually a very easy project and a perfect project for beginners.  The elastic waistband helps make it customizable.  If you're a little unsure about doing a buttonhole, you can skip that step if you want.  The pattern created here is a large but it should fit most.  You can always enlarge the pattern pieces if you want to make it bigger.  And if you want to make the length of the shorts longer, you can just extend the inner leg and side seam lengths to whatever desired length you want.  You can even extend them to the floor and make yourself some lounge around pants.


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85 thoughts on “Men’s Boxers

  1. ebe37

    Hello, thanks for the free pattern and the very detailed and easy to follow video!
    One thing I do not understand is how the side seems are in the final product. Are you leaving the seams with raw edges without any finishing? With the boxers made of cotton fabric are they not going to fray completely in the washing? Should I finish with a simple zig zag stitch maybe?

  2. LewisAQBrown

    I’ve got the pattern printed, cut out and taped together… YAY!!! Now this is I’m sure a very stupid newbie question, but do I lay and draw round the pattern on the correct or wrong side of the material? I know one pattern piece needs the fabric to be folded in half. Unfortunately in the video it’s difficult to tell as the fabric is a solid colour… Many tanks :0)

  3. the_professors_assistant

    @LewisAQBrown You willl have to play with the paper size setting in whatever printer software you are using. As for resizing, the boxers are considered a “Mens Large” 34″ waist is about a mens large. For any other adjusting of the pattern, that is outside the scope of this tutorial. I would recommend trying to make it as is and then guess if you want to attempt to print is at a larger scale.

  4. LewisAQBrown

    Thank you for your reply. I’ve got Adobe Acrobat DC so the PDF isn’t the problem. Think the problem is the paper size being Letter when my colour laser is A4 and that seems to be causing a problem with sizing. 8.5″x11″ (Letter) vs 8.27″x11.69″ (A4). Suppose I could try and print it in my A3 printer and see what happens. How about garment sizing? Is his pattern suitable for 39/40″ hips and 34″ waist? Many thanks for your help

  5. the_professors_assistant

    @LewisAQBrown im assuming you were able to download the pattern? When you click on the download pattern link, when using google chrome, it should open in the browser and you should see the pattern. You can print directly from the browser. Or make sure you have the latest version of adobe reader to view the PDF file. , Uncheck the McAfee options, you do not need to install that. After install, download the pattern, open with acrobat, and you should be able to print as well.

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