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Bikini – Kwik Sew Pattern 4003

Let me just get this out in the open. I've never made a bathing suit before, let alone a bikini. But when you've been sewing for as long as I have, you feel like you can pretty much tackle anything. Now, I can say excitedly, “Yes, I have made a bathing suit! Look at this bikini and tell me it's not a wonder!” Even looking at the pictures, I can't help but be proud of my accomplishment.

The directions by Kwik Sew were clear and easy to understand. I had no problem following Kwik Sew's directions and if I was going to make a bikini for the first time, I definitely feel that this pattern was a good place to start. Even with that being said, I do not believe this project would be suitable for a beginner, but maybe wait until there are a few projects under the belt. My reason is based strictly on the fabric. Bathing suit fabric, which is call Lycra, can be a slippery and tricky fabric to work with. It takes a lot of patience and you may find yourself redoing a few seams. (If you do find yourself redoing some of your stitches, don't feel badly as I certainly had to do the same thing myself.) I guess the trick is using some of your scraps to practice on before undertaking the actual project. Just get used to working with it and it'll help you out in the long run. In this tutorial, I try to provide some tips that helped me out along the way.

If you stick with it, and, this tutorial is here to help you out every step of the way, you'll find yourself with an amazing bikini and the confidence that will allow you to tackle any project.

Please note that this pattern uses a double needle and this project will probably take at least 2 spools of thread.

To purchase this pattern directly from Kwik Sew, please click here.

We do have an extra pattern to give away to one of our viewers. Leave a comment on this blog or our YouTube video page for a chance to win. Will this be your first attempt at bathing suit or have you made one before? We'll be choosing a winner at random on May 7th, so get your comment in today.  For full rules, please click HERE

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15 thoughts on “Bikini – Kwik Sew Pattern 4003

  1. tbrowne

    I live near to the beach & I go swimming often. I would love to have this Kwik Sew Pattern 4003 .

  2. tbrowne

    I live near to the beach & go swing often. I would love to have this bikini pattern .

  3. Michelle Smith

    This is a cute pattern! I love kwik sew patterns a lot. I would love to add this one to my collection.

  4. Jane

    I successfully made bikini bottoms last year but the top doesn’t fit so well – this top would go so great I think, and the instructions are really helpful, thanks

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