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Knit Pencil Skirt

Knit Pencil SkirtKnit Pencil Skirt FullLooking for an easy, practical skirt that can be worn casually or to work?  If the answer is a resounding yes, you'll want to follow along with this tutorial to make our knit pencil skirt.  Not only do we show you how to sew this skirt but also how to create your own pattern.  Even though you'll drafting a pattern, it'll still be easier and faster than going to the fabric store and spending time going through the pattern lookbooks.  Once you have a pattern in hand, grab some beautiful knit fabric and then watch as we show you how to whip out a skirt with only a few seams.  If it sounds too easy, that's because it is.  Sometimes keeping things simple is really all you want and when the results look like this, why make it harder than it needs to be.  Make this knit pencil skirt the wardrobe staple in your closet.

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