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Jacket Lining

Jacket LiningMost jackets will traditionally have a lining. It not only looks more professional by finishing the inside and hiding seam allowances, but it also gives the jacket more weight. A lot of beginners sees a project has a lining and it makes them nervous. But if you break down what the steps are, it's really not as terrifying as some might imagine. For the most part, sewing the lining is exactly the same as sewing the outer shell of the jacket, and so you're simply repeating the steps. The biggest difference is you don't have to worry about the fastener or pockets and you need to leave an unstitched opening in one of the lining's side seams. This opening is very important because it allows you to flip everything right side out once you sew the lining and outer shell together so make sure you don't forget to do this. Once they're together, you pretty much need to hand sew the opening close and top stitch to finish. That's it! So, you see, it's actually not hard to do at all and you can tackle it easily.

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