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Invisible Zipper With A Lining

Invisable Zipper With A LiningAre you intimidated by putting in an invisible zipper?  Have no fear because we're here to help you every step of the way.  You'll be amazed at how easy it really is. You just need the right equipment and to properly prepare your garment.  To help with our demonstration, I'll be using a dress from Butterick 5949.  The nice thing about this dress is that it does have a lining so, especially in the bodice, you'll clearly be able to see right side and wrong side, which I think does make it a lot easier.  Also, in order to make everything even more clear, I try and use contrasting everything.

It's also very important to use an invisible zipper foot when sewing in an invisible zipper.  A regular zipper foot will not do. If your machine doesn't have one, you can purchase an universal invisible zipper kit that should be available at most fabric shops.  I do go over how to use this type of foot and how to install it on your machine.

Even though this particular dress does have a lining, the lining and main fabric are sewn together.   When it is time to put in the invisible zipper, it's pretty much the same process of working with a single piece of fabric where no lining is involved.  I know that there is a lot of questions on what to do with a lining in regards to an invisible zipper.  As a bonus, I do a quick example on what you would do if the dress had a lining that was made separate of the main garment and has to be sewn in.  While this does take a little more work, it's well worth it as this technique is great at hiding all your seams on the inside.

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