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Inset Sleeve

Inset SleeveUnless you plan on living in nothing but tank tops, chances are you're going to find yourself faced with the prospect of sewing an inset sleeve.  There are many types of sleeves, but what aspect makes a sleeve an inset one?  An inset sleeve is probably the most common type of sleeve you'll find on garments.  The sleeve is a separate piece that is sewn to the bodice at an armhole that meets at the outer edge of the shoulder.  The inset sleeve can have different variations and styles but the method of sewing it is pretty similar.  Probably the trickiest part to sewing this type of sleeve is easing the cap into the armhole but, just because it's tricky, this doesn't mean that you can't conquer it.  Watch this tutorial to get a good understanding on sewing the inset sleeve.

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