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Hooded Cloak Assembly

Hooded Cloak AssemblyHooded Cloak Assembly FullDo you love dressing up in costumes as much as me?  Everyone could use a good hooded cloak and the best is the one you sew yourself, because you can control the length, embellish it, and you'll know that it'll be a quality garment that will last.  If you get a store bought one, you'll either get something cheaply made or will be made well but very expensive.  This hooded cloak is easy to make and will give you more options to make it unique.  I made mine based off the pattern I created in our tutorial Hooded Cloak Pattern.  (If you haven't created your pattern yet, make sure to watch that tutorial first.)  You don't have to do a lining like I do, but having a lining will make it look nicer and all your seams will be enclosed.  It also offers you cool fabric combinations so you can go dark and scary or elegant and romantic.  With our direction, you're sure to have a hooded cloak that stands out.

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