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Hairline Seam

Hairline SeamCreating seams, when sewing with chiffon and sheers, can be tricky.  Not only are these types of fabric sometimes tricky to sew, they also tend to fray really badly.  If you're lucky enough to have a serger, then this probably is not an issue.  If you're a person with only a sewing machine, there's still an option and it's called the hairline seam.  The hairline seam is perfect for fabrics like sheers and chiffons because it helps manage the fraying and the seam allowance is a lot smaller than traditional seams. Since these types of fabric are generally pretty transparent, we don't want the seam allowances to be distracting and this really minimizes it.  Also, the hairline seam can be done on straight seams or curved seams, which makes it a little more versatile than the french seam, as this seam is a little more difficult on curved edges.  Because of this, the hairline seam is ideal for collars and cuffs and is really no more difficult than regular seams.

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