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Grommet Curtain Panel

Grommet Curtain PanelIf you want to update your window treatment with new curtain panels, consider making your own. It's easy to customize for your needs, plus you can choose your own fabrics. There are many different current panels you can choose to make, but one of the easiest is one with decorator grommets. These oversized grommets can be found in the notions department of home decorating section in a fabric store. You can buy them in different sizes and finishes. To install them may seem advanced and complicating, but putting in these types of grommets is a snap. Literally! Plus, your curtains will look as professional as premade curtain panels. In my demonstration I create a panel using a particular set of measurements, but you can definitely do this curtain in any size you want. After watching how easy it is, you'll want to pick up some grommets, fabric, and try it for yourself.

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