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Godet – Seam Insert

GodetWho doesn't love adding a little flair to their garment? Whether your looking for a pop of contrast or some added flounce, the godet is a sewing design element that makes for an easy solution. It can be added to anywhere a seam meets the hemline. Add to sleeves, tops, skirts, or pant legs. The godet is a pie-shape fabric insert that can be done in a matching fabric–but if you really want to cause a stir, do it in contrasting. It makes for an interesting style detail while adding extra movement. Plus, if the garment is fitted, it provides extra room like a kick pleat. The difference is the godet is meant to be more noticeable and there's usually several of them, especially in something like a skirt. If you love this look, watch our tutorial and see how easy it is to do yourself.

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