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Full Apron

Full ApronEveryone could use a good apron.  Regardless, if you wear one while in the kitchen or the craftroom, a nice apron is essential to keeping your clothes from getting dirty.  Another plus is the addition of pockets.  Luckily, we have such an apron that you can make, either for yourself or for a friend.  Making this apron doesn't get any easier and can be made cute with some extra special fabric.  It's finished with bias tape, which is also use for creating the neck and waist straps.  The main pattern is adult one size, but the neck and waist ties can be adjusted for a custom fit.  Download our free pattern and start creating your new apron today.

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26 thoughts on “Full Apron

  1. the_professors_assistant

    Downloading and printing the pattern is required to follow along with the video. There are no instructions on how to draw the pattern yourself if you do not have a printer.

  2. Aliyah.Israel

    May I get the measurements of the apron pattern? I’m not able to print the pattern out at this time.

  3. Olusola Olaitan Dabiri

    Can I get the measurements for the apron?
    I used a small phone to download and can’t get measurements.

  4. Travelgirlme

    how many yards of fabric? and what size bias tape! beautiful can’t wait to take a class

  5. Arycerz86

    Hi there, do you use 1 inch double folded bias tape for this? (or half an inch?) thanks!

  6. felishaperez

    Very simple and beautiful. Perfect for the upcoming holidays as gifts. I already have three aprons worth of patterns already in my cart all for under $50

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