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French Knot

French KnotI love to embroider but it took me awhile to master the french knot.  This lovely little stitch is used for making dots, flowers, little eyeballs or whatever else you can imagine for a round, knotted stitch.  When I had to do one, I would feel an uneasy dread because it felt like it was a matter of chance on whether my french knot would look neat and tidy or just plain sloppy.  The latter seemed to be the case more often than the former.  But with a lot of practice, I finally feel really comfortable making french knots as I think I finally learned the trick to making them work with a lot more success.   If you need to try your hand at at a french knot, you'll definitely want to watch this tutorial first so you can succeed at them a lot faster than I did.  These stitches will definitely add to your embroidery repertoire.

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