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Free Motion Sewing

Free Motion SewingFree motion sewing is sewing on your sewing machine, but instead of just sewing in a forward direction, you can sew in any direction.  This is used in order to give your projects a quilted look or when you want to create a unique design with your stitches, such as with monogramming.  It's mostly associated with creating quilted designs on quilts with the use of a long arm sewing machine but it can definitely be done on a lot of regular home sewing machines, although it's recommended that you stick with smaller projects.  This tutorial shows you two different techniques, such as doing a single stitch on a quilt sandwich and also how to do free motion on a single layer of fabric, such as with monogramming.  Free motion sewing is definitely not easy, because there is less control over the machine, so you'll want to start slow and take your time.  The more you practice this technique, the easier it will get for you but it's a technique that's worth learning.

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