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Framed Clutch Purse

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I really love this purse.  I think the main reason is because when I look at it, I don't see homemade.  Instead, I just see classic, chic, and elegant.  When I created this framed clutch, I knew that I wanted to keep my design as simple and clean as possible.  I really wanted to show off this lovely fabric, which is a handwoven silk fabric from a village in Thailand.  I have never worked with this fabric before and, as I had a limited supply of it, so I was nervous about squandering my opportunity.  Luckily, it all worked out, and with the purse frame attached, the results were fantastic.  The fabric was a solid color with some texture to it, so my idea was to use a series of folds to create a design.  I added the embroidered flowers, using a detached chain stitch, to add a pop of color which matched my lining, and it all came together in one elegant clutch.  In fact, I liked it so much, I turned around and quickly made another one.

If the purse frame, makes you think this is a complicating purse to create, let me assure you that it's really not.  Once you see how really simple it is to create this look, you'll be pleasantly surprised on how quickly it all comes together.  You don't need to be a proficient sewer in order for yours to look like mine.  And since this clutch isn't very big, you don't need much fabric to create it.  You can get the purse frame for under $10 from your local craft store or online.  I think this purse would make a nice gift for a friend or even a bridal party.

I offer a special thanks to Thai Silk Magic for letting me use their beautiful fabric.  The silk really was a joy to work with and I loved creating these two very elegant yet distinctive looking framed clutches.  Now I just need a sophisticated place to show them off.

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  1. Shez

    What size frame did you use please? If it was 8 inch and I have a 4 inch (8 cms) then technically I only need to scale down the pattern by 50% to fit?.

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