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Faux Flatlock Seam with Sewing Machine

Faux FlatlockSergers are really great to own because they can do some things the sewing machine cannot. But they can also be pricier, not everyone can afford to have one and a sewing machine. But that's okay because a sewing machine on its own can do a lot and still make great clothes. Even if a sewing machine cannot create a true flatlock seam, you can still get a similar appearance of one and it looks great too. By using a flatlock type stitch you can flatten out the seam allowance even more for a less bulky look and this works good on fabrics like fleece, sweatshirt fleece, velour or interlocks knits. It'll give your athletic type garments that real professional look. People might assume it's a real flatlock seam and not a faux one. Check out our video to see how I did a faux flatlock seam using my sewing machine.

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