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EL Wire Hoodie – Electroluminescent Wire

Electroluminescent Wire - EL WireWith new technology, you can push your costumes even further. One way to do this is with EL wire, which stands for electroluminescent wire. It's a thin wire that lights up after being connected to a battery powered invertor. While this wire can be incorporated into almost any sewing project, either by hand or machine sewing, it's best for those really special projects. Mainly, because these wires should not be submerged in water so you don't want to toss these items into your washing machine. Despite this, it is a unique way to make something that instantly draws attention, especially in low light situations. This tutorial will give you a general overview to sewing with EL wire and different ways it can be added. If your a beginner and have an interest in trying a new embellishment, you'll want to check out this tutorial.

Here are some link to purchase the EL Wire:
I used the Aqua color in the video, check out other colors to see what is in stock.

EL Wire (2.5 meters) (used in video)

Piping (Sewable) EL Wire (5 meters-) (used in video)

Alternative EL Wire Suppliers

or search for "el wire starter kit" , "el wire" , "sewable el wire" in your favorite online retailer to see what is available.


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