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Dog Coat

Dog Coat Sitting Dog Coat StandingSewing for your dog can be fun as they never complain about the look of the final product.  Making a dog coat is great for when the weather is really cold outside and you can make them for an economical price, especially if you wait until fleece is on sale.  Depending on how big your dog is, you might be able to get several coats out of 1 yard of fleece.  I would definitely choose something washable when creating your dog coat so, when it gets dirty, you can just toss it in the wash.  The best part about making this version of the dog coat is that it's possible it can be reversible.  You can either use a fabric that is different on both sides, like mine, or use two different fleece fabrics.  If you use two different fabrics, you can place them together, wrong side to wrong side, and then just baste around the perimeter of the whole piece.  Just be aware that this will make the coat twice as thick so you want to make sure you have a needle that handle that and maybe use a walking foot.

This tutorial also shows you how to create your own pattern for the dog coat so you can make it the right size for your dog.  We show you what measurements need to take and then how to draft the pattern.  Creating and tweaking the dog coat pattern is the most time consuming part but you can totally do it, even if you've never done any pattern drafting before.  Once the pattern is perfected, you can then create many dog coats easily and quickly.

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20 thoughts on “Dog Coat

  1. Barbara B

    I registered so I could get a pattern but I could only down load the measurement chart. It would be helpful if I could also get an image with which measurements go where. Best wishes.

  2. Dolores8970

    Made a muslin and see my straps are not long enough. I’m so glad I didn’t just cut my fabric. I found it hard to measure my dog but I’m going to do it again and make nother muslin to be sure the straps have the needed length.

  3. Terrib54

    Can you please advise what size of bias tape you used. My do is of similar size to yours. Thank you.

  4. yojsylvester

    Loved the video. All thoughts and directions are well organized and not confusing. Thank you for that.

  5. dwiddis

    How wide is the bias tape? Couldn’t find a coat large enough for my dog so trying to make this. Had to really adjust the collar for his size.

  6. jolyne-kujo

    Fantastic video, really informative. I just wish there were written instructions available to print out due to my ADHD


    Poo! I was expecting a pattern I could scale up!
    I have to admit, though, that your website DID just say ” Download the WORKSHEET now”.
    I guess “Pattern and Assembly” meant how to make one’s OWN pattern. D’oh!
    It’s an excellent video, though.


    Thank you so much, this was so well explained and executed. Easy to understand and follow.

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