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Button Bracelet

Button BraceletI have a jar full of old buttons.  I don't even know where this jar came from because, like some of the other items on my craft shelf, it just seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Old, vintage buttons are really cool to look through and sometimes you can find some real winners of beautiful buttons.  The problem with random button jars, is that many times there's only one or two of each type of button.  Unless I want to sew something in which each button is different, I rarely find a use for them, besides just admiring them.  I finally came up with a great way to use and to show off those beautiful button winners.  How about designing a lovely, one-of-a-kind button bracelet?  The trick to keeping it from looking too crafty is in its simplicity.  I find a button I want to showcase and create a simple chain bracelet so that nothing is the star but that button.  Even if you don't have a jar of vintage buttons, you can really use any button, and we all have those extra one off buttons.  If you want to find vintage buttons, check your local thrift store or antique shops.  And if you're tossing a garment, check to see if it at least has any cool buttons that you can save.  Watch our demonstration and learn how you can easily create your own distinguished button jewelry.

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