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Bound Buttonhole – 2 piece technique

Bound Buttonhole - 2 PieceIf you didn't think it was possible to class up a garment through a buttonhole, think again.  The bound buttonhole can be found on couture garments and now you can add this special detail to your own garments.  There are several different techniques for creating a bound buttonhole.  In this tutorial we demonstrate how to create one using the 2 piece technique.  As a bonus, we go over how to finished the bound buttonhole if you're also dealing with a facing or lining.  The process is more time consuming than a regular machine stitched buttonhole but you'll love the results.  It'll also gives you a little more creativity as this is another place you can add a contrasting color or design to your project. With details like a bound buttonhole, no one will guess that your garments are handmade.

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