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Blind Hem for Knit Fabric

Blind Hem Knit Machine StitchThe blind hem is a sewing technique to describe when you sew a hem but the stitches are less noticeable on the right side. It's commonly done on lightweight woven fabrics but a great idea to do on knit garments as well, especially for those nicer pieces that you don't want to look weighed down. While the steps are similar to doing a blind hem on woven fabric, there are a few differences for knit fabric and they shouldn't be treated like they're exactly the same. But the process to creating a blind hem on knit is easy and will give you great results. On the right side, you'll only see very small vertical stitches and if you match your thread to your fabric, give it a good press, it should be a whole lot less noticeable than a standard hem. This is a great hem option for knits and you should definitely give it a try.

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