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Bias Tape 101

Bias Tape 101Have you ever stared at the bias tape section of the fabric store and become overwhelmed with all the choices?  Bias tape, also known as bias binding, is a strip of fabric that's been cut on the bias of the fabric.  It's main use is to finish the raw edges of the fabric.  It can be used in garment sewing, such as the finishing of neckline and armholes.  It can also be used to finish the edges of craft projects, like pot holders or blankets.  While the section of bias tape look overwhelming, in reality, there are only a few types to choose from.  In this tutorial, I'll go over the most common types you'll find:  single folded bias tape, double folded bias tape, and satin blanket binding.  We'll also cover how to use each one of these to achieve the best possible finish.  You'll never have to be overwhelmed by your choices and can pick the one you need with confidence.

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