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Beginner’s Sewing Tools

Beginners Sewing ToolsSince we've started this site, I've been asked quite a few times on what a beginner needs to even get started in sewing.  This is understandable because, if you're taking up this hobby for the first time, all the information can be quite overwhelming.  To make things a little bit easier for new sewers, we've created this tutorial to point you in the right direction of basic supplies you should have on hand before getting started.  We go over the types of sewing tools you'll need to purchase and also briefly talk about irons and sewing machines.  Once you get into sewing, you'll be sure adding to your collection as there are all kinds of tools to meet different sewing needs, but this is showing you the bare minimum of what you need.

We don't go over thread, fabric, or patterns, because once you have the basics, it'll be up to you to pick your first project and, with that project, there will be an additional requirement of supplies needed for it.   But we hope, at the very least, this will help get you on the correct path.  If you're interested in starting with patterns, check out one of our many pattern tutorials for some step by step help that will surely get you on your way.

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75 thoughts on “Beginner’s Sewing Tools

  1. Binte Yusuf

    A special thank you to the Professor – learning how to sew wouldn’t be as enjoyable without your excellent presentation of this tutorial.

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