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Reply To: yoke with a lined skirt

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hello, sorry for the delay. I just got back from vacation and still getting back into the swing of things. You can totally add a lining to a skirt with a yoke! This is what I would do: let’s imagine we have the yoke and then lower skirt. I would cut out a lower skirt portion in my main fabric and in my lining. Sew the lower skirt (front and back) together at the side seams in the main fabric, then repeat this process with the lining. You’ll also have the center back seam to sew (if the zipper is going there.) I would stitch a regular seam from hemline to bottom of zipper and then baste the seam from the bottom of the zipper up. Take your lining skirt and place it inside the main skirt, wrong sides together and baste them together, all along the top. Now you can put in the yoke piece, similar to the one I do in our skirt yoke tutorial. The yoke will finish the top and you won’t need to do a separate waistband. It’ll fold in half, lengthwise, so one side of the yoke will cover your basted seam of the lining and skirt at the top of the lower skirt. Then finish with putting in your zipper and hem the lining and main skirt separately. You can do a french tack to attach the lining and skirt together at the side seams at the hemline. I hope this helps put in the right direction and that it makes sense. Please post a pic when you finish your skirt 🙂