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Thank you so, so much!
I really appreciate your response, thank you for the time to help me resolve this. I’ve looked more at the swayback and it does seem to be a culprit. From my bottom rib to my pelvic bone is about 6″ long and within those 6″ I have another 6″ curve so I wind up with a 32″ bust, 24-25″ waist and by the time I hit my pelvic bone it’s at 30″ and the pelvic bones themselves are “pointy” though they don’t visibly stick out they visibly make my pants and skirts hard to fit as they “kick up” the waist of skirts and pants to my much smaller waist line

Before I looked into swayback I tried doing a half inch bias binding on skirt just to eliminate the width of the waistband while still finishing the raw edge as well as add a zip. I did this with your circle skirt tutorial and this actually did work with very minimal movement of the skirt at the waist but I will be looking more at these video’s you’ve suggested on how to fit things because I do love the look of a wider waistband. Pants will be a whole new obstacle but I’m learning so much! Thank you again. I love your site and your videos are always so helpful. I generally make children’s clothing but as I’ve moved into adult your advice and videos have been fabulous