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Reply To: Starting Up My Sewing Room

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I’m so glad you’re really liking your new hobby!  I’m jealous you have a room that you can transform into your sewing room.  I don’t have space for that yet.  I haven’t used all the machines out there, so I can’t really say I’m a machine expert.  The brands that I’ve used are Husqavarna, Bernina, and Brother.  Out of those 3, I can say that Brother is the most affordable machine and the one I used worked great.  Remember, you don’t need a super fancy machine with all the bells and whistles.  A basic machine will probably work well for you and you can probably get one for under $150.  You can find good prices for machines at and amazon. Besides the basic notions, (scissors, pins, needles, seam ripper, etc.) you should also have an ironing board and iron.  And you should also get a bookshelf or some kind of organization system started now because you’ll be amazed at how fast your fabric, trims, and thread stash can grow.  If you start now it’ll be less overwhelming than trying to go through bags of fabric later. I’d love to see a picture of your room once you get it all setup! 🙂