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Sorry for the delay in response! You can use snap tape, just realize that the tape comes in limited colors so you might be only able to find white at your fabric store. Also, it tends to be a little bulkier than a zipper or just snaps by themselves. I don’t have this pattern so I don’t know what the seam looks like but since they give you the zipper or the snap alternative, I think it should be a lapped seam, which means that the one side of the seam overlaps the other. I would follow the directions for the snaps. When it gets time for putting in the snaps, you can just place the snaptape in place and sew around the perimeter of the tape. As far as making sure the snaps are lined up, sew one side in place. Then snap the other side to it. While it’s still snap, lap the other seam over it so that it lays flat over the snaps. Then carefully pin the top of the snap tape to this seam and unsnap so you can now sew this one into place. You will see the stitches on the right side as you sew the perimeter around the tape so make sure you choose a thread that matches your fabric. good luck! 🙂