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Reply To: Simplicity Pattern 2178 Modified

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First of, I recommend whatever changes and alterations you do, I highly recommend that you make a muslin, which means using cheap similar fabric to make sure your going to be happy with your alterations before using more expensive fabric. You also just need to baste your pieces together enough so you can at least try it on to test the fit. So for the bodice you’re making alterations to the bustline and the waistline, correct? If you’re not increasing the waistline, then the midriff piece will be fine as is and you’ll not need to make any alterations. If you are increasing the waistline, for the midriff, instead of pivoting, I would use the slide technique. So you outline the midriff pieces and then slide it over your measurement (divided by 4) on each side. Then return the pattern to its original position. Your notches will remain in the same spot. You should then use the pivot method for the bottom of the bodice and top of the skirt so the increase will match since these pieces will go together. I probably wouldn’t recommend removing the midriff altogether. I think that’ll make things even more complicating.
For lining knit, I would use a tricot fabric. It’s also stretchy and it’s lightweight. Using a regular knit fabric will make everything too heavy.
As for the other things, since you want to alter things so much, it might be helpful instead to find a pattern that has the bodice you like and the skirt that you like and then try to combine both these elements together. Just make sure that both patterns require the same types of fabric (knit) or you’ll run into trouble. It is difficult to take a pattern that is more fitted and then try to add something like an elastic waistline because patterns with an elastic waistline have the necessary ease already built into the pattern. Adding it to something without that extra ease is probably not going to have the look that you’re imagining.
Good luck!