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Reply To: Shortening Sleeve Length

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Haha…the more I think of this project…the more I want to laugh. I could totally transform this shirt into something new….a la Eddie Vedder/Prince mash-up…just blouse it up for him…and IF perchance my poor husband were to manage to somehow wedge his arms into those painfully tight sleeve holes, it would simply rip apart at the seams if he dared move like a human..hehehe. Oh why did I say,” Oh definitely get this shirt honey….I can totally fix these long plaid tubes disguised as sleeves…It’s really nothing to fix it…it’ll take me just like a half hour probably.” Lol. No, but seriously thank you for your input and yes I think I have to agree with you and remove the length from the bottom. It’s really probably not too hard…just something I’ve never done so it will just be something new to learn, which is awesome yay! actually found a vid on YouTube where some Tailor did it and he was like..bim bam boom and he was done! So I’m going to try this method and see how it comes out. If not, I’m donating it to the zoo. Thanks again!