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Hi there! I understand your confusion. “Easing” is used in multiple ways in sewing so I can see why you’re stuck. To “ease” two pieces of fabric together means to try and pin two pieces that seem to be different lengths. If your pattern has “ease” built in that means that they’ve added extra inches to the pattern’s dimensions for certain look or to give the garment more movement. To “ease” stitch is another way of saying “baste” so all they want you to do is is do two rows of basting stitches at the cap of the sleeve between your notches. You can see me do an example at this link: jump to time code 00:45:23 to get to the sleeve section. Just don’t follow my example completely because I’m doing it from marks instead of notches and for mine I also have to do it at the bottom but it’ll give you a general idea. Hope that helps!