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You really have to look at the fabric bolt information label, which is found on the on end of the cardboard that the fabric is rolled on.  It really depends on the content of the satin.  Some could be made out of acetate, which would mean that it’s probably dry clean only.  Some satin may be 100% polyester which means it could be washable.  This sticker will give you all this information and if you want to see an example of how to find this information, you can take a look at this tutorial.  If you do press it, make sure you put it at the synthetic setting on your iron, which isn’t very hot.  You can also test a scrap piece to see how it reacts to your heat settings.  If you cannot get out wrinkles, you can also place your item in the bathroom while you shower and let the steam work it out.  If you don’t think you’ll remember the fabric bolt information, take a picture with your camera phone while at the fabric store.  Hope this helps.