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by sharp crease, do you mean where the fabric is folded in half? Here’s another clue, and we’re going back to my days working at the fabric store…Typically, the fabric store always wants to show off the best side of the fabric when it’s on display. Was the fabric just wrapped on a bolt or was it also draped over the top? If it was simply wrapped around a bolt, that means when the fabric was folded in half, it was folded so that the right side was on the outside. If the fabric was wrapped on the bolt but then also draped, where they bring the end of the fabric over the top of the bolt, then this means that when the fabric was folded, the right side of the fabric is on the inside. but, honestly, if your fabric is really so difficult to tell the right side from the wrong side, I wouldn’t stress out too much about it and just pick a side and stay consistent. You can make a small mark on the “wrong side” of each piece so when you’re going through assembly you won’t get confused. Hope this helps!