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Hi! Thank you for your reply.  To answer your question, the pants fit very well at the knees, and my inner and side seams match. I think the problem might be my body, I have large hips and my buttocks are flat.  So, the hip measure is big  and that surely makes a difference at the crotch and the thigh, what do you think? I took in a 1/4 in. seam on each side and at the inner seam,  I cannot take in more, the hips will be to small, could I work differently, increase the hip curve and take in more between the crotch and the knee?   I don’t want to loose the grain line, it falls so well presently, all my seams are straight and neat. You can imagine that when it’s time for me to shop for pants, they never fit properly, so that why I realy appreciate your class on pattern making. Thanking you again, and keep up the good work.