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Reply To: Pant legs are too baggy.

Reply To: Pant legs are too baggy.

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We don’t have a tutorial but you probably just want to bring in your side seams in a bit and you can do this below the waistline. Put on your pants, pinch the excess at the side seam, use your sewing gauge to measure the amount. Take off your pants, lay it flat, and from the original side seam, you’re going to use your fabric marker or chalk to mark the measurement of your new side seam. You can also taper for a more custom fit. So maybe you go in 1″ at the hemline but want a 1/2″ at the thighs and nothing at the hip area. So I would just make a mark at this points on my pants and then use a long straight rule to connect these points. Now go to your machine and do a basting stitch at the new line. Try on your pants again and see if you like the fit better. If you do like it, do a regular straight stitch over the basting stitch and you can cut off the excess seam allowance. Just make sure that when you try out your alteration, you sit down, bend down and move around. You want to still have some functional ease in the pants and be able to move comfortably. good luck! 🙂